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Looking to establish a strong online presence for your brand? Look no further than our domain name registration services. We understand the importance of having a unique and memorable website address, and we’re here to help make that happen. Our team of experts will guide you through the process of securing your perfect domain name and help you set up your website with our ghost web design services. With a focus on user-friendly design, search engine optimisation (SEO), and custom branding, we’ll help bring your vision to life and take your online presence to the next level. Contact us today to get started!

Domain Names

There are a host of new website domain names to choose from this year, which is very useful as we are finding search engines really like your domain name, company name and search keyword to marry up. In short if you get this right your website will rank high without too much optimising effort. This new year has already seen us register our first .company domain name and there are new domain name extensions being released in February. As these new domain names are released there is a scramble for the best names, they really do go on a first come first served basis. Please get in touch if you wish to register your business a new domain, or in-fact register a domain for a specific market that you wish to target. We are using these new domains to target specific keywords that are important to clients specific requirements. Along side these new domains we are creating small micro websites dedicated to the specific keyword, this is a fantastic marketing tool to help your business strive forward in their relevant markets.

Social media icons are clearly placed to make it easy for people to ‘Like’ and be kept up to date with business updates, offers and news. Placing these icons clearly in the right place on your website design can help dramatically with your social media response and the more ‘likes’ that are generated from your website will help your Google position.

Web designs can include photo galleries, location maps, YouTube clips, sound, down-loadable documents, on-line questionnaires and many other possibilities. After you have approved the website and it goes live, we continue to monitor it’s traffic and search engine position to make sure it’s working effectively.

Getting the right domain name for your web design can make a huge difference. It’s also critical that the domain name is correctly registered to your business and it’s renewal is managed properly so it is not lost to a competitor.
You may be losing business without realising it because of the length or spelling of your domain name. We normally recommend a domain name to be as short and to the point as possible but if you are competing on the Internet in a specific market then we recommend that you have us look into this more deeply.

We register ‘slug’ domains for this purpose. Here are a few made up examples so you get the idea:, &
As you can see the domains are targeted for the Internet search criteria as opposed to using the company name. This helps Google ranking by targeting your website to it’s specific market.

Once the correct domains are registered, we ensure they are renewed on time, every time.

Ghost are a member of Nominet who are the governing body for domain names, so you know you are in good hands. If you require a different extension other than then we are also equipped to register these on your behalf and attach the relevant services required.

Domain Extensions

.academy .accountants .actor .agency .associates

.bar .bargains .bid .bike .bio .blackfriday .blue
.boutique .build .builders .buzz

.cab .camera .camp .capital .cards .careers .catering
center .ceo .cheap .christmas .cleaning .clothing .club .codes
.coffee .community .company .computer .condos .construction
.consulting .contractors .cool .cruises

.dance .dating .democrat .dental .diamonds .directory .domains

.education .email .engineering .enterprises .equipment .estate .events .exchange .expert .exposed

.fail .farm .financial .fish .flights .florist .foundation .furniture .futbol
.gallery .gift .glass .graphics .gripe .guitars .guru
.holdings .holiday .house

.immobilien .industries .ink .institute .international .investments

.kaufen .kim .kitchen .kiwi

.land .lease .lighting .limited .limo .link .swindon .luxury
.maison .management .marketing .media .menu .moda



.partners .parts .photography .photo .photos .pics .pictures .pink .plumbing .productions .properties .pub

.recipes .red .reisen .rentals .repair .report .rest .reviews .rich .rocks

.services .sexy .shoes .singles .social .solar .solutions .supplies .supply .support .systems

.tattoo .technology .tips .today .tokyo .tools .toys .trade .training

.university .uno

.vacations .ventures .villas .vision .voting .voyage

.watch .webcam .wiki .works .wtf